waiting for dancer book

Waiting for Dancer

There's something magical about seeing a polar bear in the wild.

An unlikely duo with riveting stories and tall beers, I believe their admiration for polar bears brought them together. Maybe they see their own struggles within this exceptional creature. - Kal Barteski

The Authors

Andrew Bazeley Andrew Bazeley

Photographer, Andrew Bazeley, has traveled the world capturing wildlife images, but since 2008 he has been captivated by the regal beauty of the polar bears of subarctic Canada.

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Dennis Compayre Dennis Compayre

Writer, Dennis Compayre, is a native of Churchill, Manitoba and a pioneer in the movement to introduce the world to polar bears in the wild. He is regarded as one of the most experienced guides on Hudson Bay.

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In his fabulous new book, Dennis uses experiences from his own life to give a terrific insight into the heart and soul of polar bears. Part novel, part biography, he tells a compelling story about how an affinity with polar bears helped a boy become a man. Nigel Marven, wildlife filmaker

It was an incredibly heartwarming memoir. I never expected a polar bear to bond with a human in such a way. Ute Pelzer